Poor Service Call at BMW Motorrad Toronto

written by Shepdaddy on September 11, 2011 in maintenance with 3 comments

I want to share my recent service experience at BMW Motorrad Toronto. I have a 2007 R1200GS that was purchased from them in the fall of 2007, and I also have a 2002 K1200RS which I purchased this summer privately.

While riding my K1200 to the office a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a definite slip in my clutch. I was coming out of a turn on a side street and when I cranked the throttle to accelerate the engine revved but the rear wheel did not respond. Fortunately I was going a sufficient speed not to fall over. As I was already a fair distance from home, I decided to continue on to the office with caution. I made it with no further incidents but that was enough to make me a little concerned.

I called BMW Toronto and asked to be transferred to service to make an appointment to have the bike looked at, what happened next was a total shock. After taking my name the service rep was able to determine that I had a 2007 motorcycle with them but when I told her that the service was for my other bike, she proceeded to tell me that they could not accept my bike because it was too old. Too old? I was told that they no longer service bikes older than 2004. I was then given the number for a former mechanic who used to work for them and has now setup a private shop out of his home in the west end of Toronto. Is this BMW’s corporate policy or just how the Toronto dealership has decided to handle their loyal customers? It seems a bit short sighted to me considering how much money I spend there each year in accessories alone.
2002 BMW K1200 RS

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as the Motorrad division of BMW Toronto has a reputation for poor service. I’ve heard this from several people first hand. I thought when the new owners took over a couple of years ago they would have sorted these things out. In fact, they expanded their motorcycle offering last year with Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Vespa, and other Italian exotics, and then I heard were forced to shut it down. The rumour suggests they spent $300k on this expansion. You’d think they would be hungrier for business.

Anyway, I decided to take my bike to Endras Motorrad in Ajax instead. They looked at my bike in a couple of days and determined that my clutch was toast. They had to order parts from Germany which delayed my service for almost two weeks, but they did a fantastic job. Thank-you to Tyrone and John for looking after me.

I am planning to trade in my GS this winter for the 2011/12 model. Do you think I am going to give the business to BMW Motorrad Toronto? Not!