How do electric and petrol bikes stack up?

written by Cornelius Quiring on October 27, 2011 in Electric Motorcycles with one Comment

Granted electric motorcycles are in their infancy, they inevitably need to offer stats close to that of the current performance metrics of gas bikes. Three major areas will determine the success of greener bikes:


On the outset, how much does a new electric bike cost verus a new combustion engine motorcycle? But more importantly, what are the operating costs of each and is there a break even point?


This is currently the Achilles heel of the greener bikes. The eco-bikes have far less range but it’s still interesting to see how they stack up.

Environmental impact

Most importantly, are the new electric bikes going to save the polar bears, keep the rain forests lush and hopefully aid in world peace? How much CO2 do they really keep out of the air?

We’ve searched the internet and tabulated the results in a neat infographic. Click a size below to view the full size image.


The links below is where we got our information from: