Letting the police take charge

written by Cornelius Quiring on November 9, 2011 in Electric Motorcycles with one Comment

Putting the green aside, one of the intriguing aspects of an electric motorcycle is it’s lack of noise and who does this make more sense for then police? It empowers them to creep around the city nabbing those unaware. My money says that this isn’t the reason at all for the interest but it appears that law enforcement agencies around the globe are adopting or testing some form of electric motorbike.

Brammo in Hong Kong

The traffic police get the cool copy bike at the top while the water supply department is going to drive the regular Enertia Plus

The Hong Kong city police have inked a deal with Brammo to introduce a couple of Enertia Plus bikes into their 2-wheeled task force. According to the official press release from the folks at Brammo, it seems the cities water supply boys are going to scamper to the “district service locations” on the standard Enertia Plus while the men in blue get a special LE — Law Enforcement — edition of the bike. They’re not say much in terms of what the upgrades for the LE will be besides having “special features that tailor it for authority patrol use.” Only the traffic cops will be riding the electric bike but perhaps they’re most suited for introductory services.

Having recently received a large $28 million dollar partnership investment from Polaris combined with this latest development, it spells a clear desire to push for the lead from the Oregon based camp.

Zero DS in Scotts Valley, California.

A proud police officer riding their offices new electric motorcycle

Neighbors wish to support their own in Scotts Valley, California, or so it seems. With a population of 11,580, the local law enforcement has taken delivery of a Zero DS for patrols and traffic enforcement. Similar to the Hong Kong police, they see value in it as a non-emergency motorcycle to keep us drivers all in line but unlike the aforementioned task force, it appears as if the SV fuzz have only dipped in a toe employing just one electric bike.

Zero DS for the Met in London

The london fuzz taking the new Zero Ds for a spin

A second jubilation for the Californian firm was the potential adoption of their bike by the London Police. For now, the bike is being used by the BikeSafe and ScooterSafe programs which go around attempting to teach people Motcycle Safety. Think preventative care, not reactive response vehicles.

They’ve been coy on sharing what the actual 5-0 will eventually use them for not making it a resounding applause of adoption but that they’re more so open to the idea.

BRD electric Motorcycle

Seeing the up take of electric motorcycles by our police, another small company in California by the name of BRD has built a Police Department (PD) version of their RedShift bike. By far the most expensive of the lot, The BRD retails at $15,000 with an additional $2,500 upgrade for the cop motorcycle. The company is now “taking orders” meaning they’ve built a couple of prototypes and hope people will throw them a couple bucks to get started on making a few.

Mass adoption may take some time but it seems for now, our police would love to play around with a few electric bikes at their offices.